Who can request my information?

BTC Markets is required by law to assist a range of government agencies.

They may request customer information to enforce criminal law; laws imposing financial penalties; protecting public revenue; and safeguarding national security.

What kind of information can be requested?

Government agencies can request a range of information.

This may include personal data for example: name, address, phone number, email address and date of birth.

Agencies may also request records of transactions, account interactions, IP addresses, digital wallets and communication received by BTC Markets regarding the account.

How can requests be made?

BTC Markets will only accept a warrant, or court orders such as subpoenas and coronial requests which require us to provide customer information.

How are requests for information reviewed?

Under Australian law, the privacy of your personal information is strictly protected.

BTC Markets carefully assesses each request and only discloses customer information if in accordance with the law. When responding to lawful requests from agencies, we aim to never interfere with a customer's legitimate use of our services.

Will I be informed if a request has been made for my information?

We are prohibited from providing details of specific requests made by law enforcement or national security agencies. Additionally, BTC Markets does not want to jeopardise the work of these or other agencies.

Where can I get more information?

BTC Markets welcomes enquiries from law enforcement agencies about its policies and procedures. Please contact BTC Markets at [email protected] for enquiries or to submit an information request.

For information on Australia's privacy principles, contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.