SMSF investment in digital assets

Australia‘s largest and most trusted digital asset exchange supports SMSF investment in Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and other listed digital assets.


Digital assets such as Bitcoin are legal in Australia and considered property. It can be used as a security in NSW court, where it is recognised as a “form of investment”.

Asset class

Digital assets including cryptocurrencies are a new asset class, growing in trust and maturity.


There are no prohibitions on SMSF investment in digital assets. It must, however, meet the investment strategy and risk as per 52B of the SISA and reg 4.09 of the SISR.

While SMSFs are not prohibited from investing in cryptocurrencies, the investment must:

  • be allowed for under the fund’s trust deed
  • be in accordance with the fund’s investment strategy

Securities classification

Cryptocurrencies are also not considered listed securities. Therefore, they cannot be acquired from a related party.


Digital Asset Exchanges such as BTC Markets are registered with AUSTRAC and meet KYC/AML regulations.

BTC Markets SMSF offering includes:

  • Tax reporting

    Tax reporting feature for annual audit preparation.

  • Designated SMSF account

    Access BTC Markets global network through our liquidity providers.

  • Friendly customer service

    Established in 2013, BTC Markets is Australia’s most trusted and reliable exchange.

  • Large trades

    Personalised service for large trades.